Links to other sites

Here I will leave links and buttons from websites I like, some of them can be fun to browse and others can be very helpful.

Cool People, Sites 'n Buttons

Sominemo Now! Visit The Digital LAN Cabin dorms, a retro webhost

My Abandonware - Website where you can download old PC Games from the 80s to the early 2000s.

skipster1337's site - A personal website where shows many things related to old computers and make them usable in modern times, very recommended if you have a Windows XP machine.

W3Schools - A page where you can learn to code HTML, CSS and other programming things. Useful if you want to create your own page.

webXP - A faithful recreation of Windows XP and many other operating systems done with HTML & CSS.

WinClassic - A forum page documenting the Classic Theme in Modern versions of Windows and Customization on Windows in General.