Hi there! I'm VoltBun and welcome to my personal website, I'm just someone who likes to draw anthro animals and old technology stuff like PC things and gaming from the 90s/2000s. This website was made while I was learning HTML & CSS stuff back on 2022 but now I use it to host my art stuff without the heavy necessity on Social Media, sort of a art portfolio thing. It may be a little bare-bones for now but I hope you enjoy browsing it!

Site Updates

-25 February 2024
Removed broken links from not longer working websites & added "Toca do Rio McCloud" & "Cavern of Remembrance" buttons. to the Links section

-23 December 2023
Small Update! Just minor visual changes, new artwork & some links added. Tried to make the website viewable on mobile too, also Happy Holidays!

-10 November 2023
Finally updated this website! New artwork, some changes on the CSS styling, adjustments on the website and new websites on the Links section! Sadly due to the discontinuation of Transistor Cafe's Webspace, the link to the retro-website was removed, but a new version is under construction through The LAN Cabin! Also the link to my Twitter is removed since I'm not longer using it

-27 July 2023
New things added! not big stuff, just new drawings from this month and some minor details :P

-24 June 2023
New site redesign and more stuff added! Been inactive lately on here and left this page outdated for a month, was very busy before but now I'm back to make this page more lively than before! Also I uploaded some new artwork in my Social Media, which is now available here! Besides I added more cool places to the "Links section" for more variety, hope I can add more things in the future!


Although this website is mostly SFW, it contains links to other websites with adult-oriented content.