About Me

My name on the Internet is VoltBun, although some friends prefer to call me just Volt. I'm someone who likes anthro art, video games and computer stuff, I'm not very expert on computing tbh but I love the old era of tech, when the Internet wasn't too centralized and Windows actually gave you options. Anyways the main thing I like to do is make drawings as a hobby, just for fun, I used to draw on an old version of MS Paint but now I like doing drawings on my Nintendo 3DS (Flipnote Studio 3D) and then refining them on Aseprite.

My Interests

Speaking of Nintendo, some of my interests include gaming, mainly just platformers from the 80s to the late 2000s. I also like some shooter games like the old Doom and some Valve games. I'm also a fan of computers, especially the older ones. Although the oldest thing I have is a XP netbook, I still managed to see how the 90s and early 2000s of computing was through emulation and the Internet. My main driver is an laptop with Debian, even though I still use Windows sometimes (not using 11 btw).

My sona & characters

I kinda consider myself a furry I guess??? idk I'm a big fan of the anthropomorphic animal design and that's the main I draw, and also because I mostly follow people who do anthro art on the Internet. I made a sona, which is a bunny with blue, white & purple colors. I've also made other original characters, mainly a fennec fox called Lexi and a goat.

Me on other sites

I you like my artwork and my stuff you can consider to follow me on these pages! there aren't many but I do plan joining on more websites in the future