Hi there, I'm VoltBun and welcome to my personal website! I'm just someone who likes to draw on a computer, which is anthro art lol and I also like retro tech such as old game consoles and computers from 90s/2000s. This is just a page where I upload my things, mainly drawings and doodles without the necessity of Social Media and similar stuff, I made this just for fun while learning HTML and Web things. With all that said I hope you enjoy browsing it!

Site Updates

-27 July 2023
New things added! not big stuff, just new drawings from this month and some minor details :P

-24 June 2023
New site redesign and more stuff added! Been inactive lately on here and left this page outdated for a month, was very busy before but now I'm back to make this page more lively than before! Also I uploaded some new artwork in my Social Media, which is now available here! Besides I added more cool places to the "Links section" for more variety, hope I can add more things in the future!

-05 April 2023
Added new drawings.

-20 March 2023
Added new doodle, Updated webspace button, Fixed link typo (Winamp button).

-27 February 2023
Made new buttons.

-15 February 2023
Minor style & text changes, Added new drawings, a link on "Other Sites" and new buttons on homepage.