Hi there, my name is VoltBun and thank you for checking my website. I'm just someone who makes some art and likes anthro animals and computer things, especially old ones. I made this website as a hobby project while learning HTML, made mainly for hosting my artwork and expressing myself without needing social media, maybe I will do other things in the future but I only make drawings for now.

Site Updates

20/03/23 = Added new doodle, Updated webspace button, Fixed link typo (Winamp button).
27/02/23 = Made new buttons.
15/02/23 = Minor style & text changes, Added new drawings, a link on "Other Sites" and new buttons on homepage.
24/01/23 = Changed web's style, Added new drawings and a New "Other Sites" page.
19/12/22 = Added new drawing, Updated Mastodon link.
05/12/22 = Slight changes, Added new drawing.
21/11/22 = Added Mastodon link.
14/11/22 = Minor changes, Added Transistor Cafe button.
04/11/22 = Initial release!